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The playful way to learn the Arabic language and culture

Teaching Modern Standard Arabic to children since 1994 in France, in the US and Online


Nicole Al Bizri
Residing in CA-USA

I am a professional teacher with 30 years of experience, in Lebanon and in the US. I love meditating, swimming, and playing the guitar. I am thrilled to communicate my passion for languages to children as I constantly do, reminding my 6 kids and 12 grandkids to never stop reading Arabic and French books.

Joseph Saifi
Residing in Beirut- Lebanon

I am a mechanical engineer graduate, a consultant in renewable energy in Lebanon, and an Alefb Arabic tutor. I am highly enthusiastic about robotics, green technology, and electric vehicles. In my spare time, I guide tourists all over the beautiful places in Lebanon. I am excited to share with my students the Arabic language and culture using cutting edge digital tools, in a safe and playful environment.

Asalah Razzouk
Native Syrian
Residing in Milan-Italy

I hold a BA in Economy and E-marketing. I have been tutoring with AlefB from 2016 I worked in Milan as an administrative employee in a trading company. Volunteer on UN projects to teach Arabic for the kids, I am eager to share my passion for the Arabic language and culture In my spare time I like reading, walking and listening to music.