Current Students of Alef,b… in New York

School address:
PS 58, Caroll School
330 Smith St, Brooklyn, 
NY 11231

Contact: Michelle Tager
301 919 4481


WELCOME  TO ALEF, B… The playful way to learn the Arabic language and culture


Each student will receive a booklet every week. In order to make copies of this booklet, the teachers need to collect $15 per child for the whole session. Please do not forget to give this to your teacher the first day of class.
No homework for children unless specified by teacher. Parents’ homework is to review with their child the booklet in the folder and to speak Arabic at home as much as possible.
Non-Arabic speaking parents: just take time to review the booklet and ask questions to your child. Be involved and show interest.

Snack is provided by the school. Once a trimester we will hold a middle eastern potluck.

Location and Directions

PS 58, Caroll School
330 Smith St, Brooklyn, 
NY 11231

Please check in at the entrance before class starts.

School year 2015-2016 schedule

Every Monday, 3:10pm to 5:10pm
Every Tuesday,  3:10pm to 5:10pm

Start date: September 13 -19
End date: April 11
Days off: according to PS 58 calendar

Supply list

Stationary and more:

Please give your child a stationery box or pouch with a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, a box of coloring pencils (no permanent markers or crayons), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, a dry erase marker medium, any color.

Also please bring a two-pocket folder of any color with a notebook and a clear plastic sheet with a white paper in it to be used as a magic board, and a pocket tissue pack.


News & Events

Orientation meeting for new parents 2016-2017

to be determined

End of year performance 2017

to be determined

For next week:


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