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Stay on the look-out for Our quarterly Alefbkids Newsletter to include information about our classes as well as tackle concerns that every parent may have about teaching a foreign language to their children, keeping their heritage alive and help build a better future for the new generation.

Alefb April 2020 Newsletter

Michelle Tager - Friday, April 24, 2020
Muslim Stickers | Redbubble  "لا تكره شيئاً لعلَّه خيرٌ لك"
Turning Lemons into Laymonada

It's been one long month! And we are still staying home, enjoying time with the family, navigating health, juggling work, and chores. We go through anxiety, panic, and then exasperation, resignation. We experience gratitude, self awareness, empathy... We go back to fundamentals.
Yes, we are resilient! We are resilient as human being and more so, as survivors of uprooting, exile, forced immigration. How do we do it?
We take it one day at a time, building on our core values, drawing on our education and culture to make the best lemonade from the lemons life has given us.
I am so thankful to the people who are relentlessly and graciously supporting Alefb on the communication and strategic side: Albert Doumar and Caroline Longuet. Thanks to all the teachers newly hired and long timers, much appreciation to all the parents who turn challenges into opportunities and give the gift of learning to their kids.
Last but not least, I want to express gratitude and respect to all the children who made huge leaps in maturity in just a few weeks, and who are the heroes of tomorrow. 
You will find below a few examples that are a testament to the involvement of this wonderful community in our #Arabic4good initiative.
Yalla, join us -- there is a place for everyone!

I wish you to stay well, and do good!
Together we will go further and be stronger, inshallah ...

teste1: لا تكتب انشاء الله بل اكتب ان شاء الله

Michelle Tager

Meet our new online Arabic teachers, Asalah, Joelle, Joseph, Kamala, and Mohamad! In their own words — their journeys to Alefb and what they’re most excited to share with our students.
Support local native speaking teachers, wherever you are. For more information on our online classes, check out www.alefb.org #Arabic4Good
Introducing our new initiative:


Empowering Local Teachers - Raising Global Citizens


Our online Arabic 1:1 classes are open to all levels, ages 5 and above. Learn the Arabic language and culture the playful way: Our locally hired Arabic teachers offer personalized online classes based on your interests. Together, we create a project of your choice using a combination of text, audio, images, video, interactive content, and more. All our classes focus on communication both written and spoken. You get one free lesson with each package of 10hours @$40/hour. 

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Flexible Schedule

STAY SAFE & VIGILANT! How to explain the corona virus to your kids, in Arabic, in a way that makes them feel comfortable? Check out this incredible, interactive guide we made for you. Share it with your children.Thank you to Mindheart.kids and to our very own Caroline Longuet for the production and our teacher Asalah for the voice over.
Watch this Alefb Online Students final project, creating a voice over on a silent video about Volunteering (from Khalid and Zeina)
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