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Teaching Modern Standard Arabic to children since 1994 in France, the US and Online

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Stay on the look-out for Our quarterly Alefbkids Newsletter to include information about our classes as well as tackle concerns that every parent may have about teaching a foreign language to their children, keeping their heritage alive and help build a better future for the new generation.

Alefb June_2017 Newsletter | Happy Summer In Arabic! | Eid Mubarak!

Michelle Tager - Tuesday, July 11, 2017


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Ahlan wa Sahlan!


لطالما اثار اعجابي واستغرابي عندما قدمت إلى الولايات المتحدة الكثير من الناس الذين وجدتهم يصرون على تعليم أولادهم لغاتهم التي قد تكون في الكثير من الأحيان لغات محلية بحتة لا يتكلم بها سوى سكان مدينتهم . .. وهذا إن دل على شيء فهو يؤكد أهمية اللغة كوعاء ثقافي نستهل منه معارف قديمة من تاريخ الحضارة , ونحقق صلات جديدة مع العصر الحديث بنكهة متميزة وفريدة .. فكيف إذا كانت تلك اللغة هي اللغة العربية التي حملت بين حروفها تاريخ 800 عام من الحضارة وقدمت أساسيات الفلسفة والعلوم التي استند إليها العلم الحديث ...والتي تصل بين 400مليون شخص على الأقل في العالم يتكلمونها كلغة أساسية لهم .. !؟

وبعد أن خفت بريق تلك الجوهرة في عصور الاحتلال حتى أن البعض ظن أن اللغة العربية لم يعد لها مكان أمام الإنكليزية مثلا .. تُفاجأنا الحياة بأن نسبة المتهافتين لتعلم العربية الأن في العالم تزيد بين غير العرب لما وجدوا من أهمية لمعرفتها في ظل الانفتاح الاقتصادي والتكنولوجي العالمي .. فكيف بمن حمل تلك الجوهرة منذ ولادته ويعرف أهميتها وجمالها ويمتلك مفاتيح تفاصيلها وثقافتها ....!؟ هل يمكن أن يترك تلك الجوهرة لتضيع منه بكل بساطة أم يحتفظ بها لأغلى ما لديه .. أولاده ...؟

:وهنا يحضرني قول الشاعر حافظ إبراهيم

أنا البحر في أحشائه الدر كامن

فهل سألوا الغواص عن صدفاتي

كمالا العتمة
Kamala Alatmeh - Alefb DC teacher

Pictures are worth a thousand words.
Find below some of the wonderful projects achieved by our students across the country and... online!

Alefb Online
: Khalid, 13 years old Alefb Online student, San Francisco student alumni.
Click on the picture to watch his video project: Stop pollution.
Parents: You can register your children to our online classes

Alefb in NYC: Ms Einas' younger class at PS58 in Brooklyn, NY.
Parents: You can enroll your kids in our NYC classes as of now.
Click here for more information and for registration.

Alefb in Chicago: Mr. Fadi's Senior High Schoolers  from Chicago Lindblom Math and Sciences Academy. Arabic Teacher and Language department chair, Fadi AbuGhoush has used Alefb's Interactive Story Book, Dunia Fi Lubnan to teach his level 4 students.
The result is a final assessment project based on the story. 
Teachers: you can do it too! Let me know if you would like to implement this component in your classroom. Alefb will provide lesson plans, methodology and necessary training for free

Email us. 
Parents: Try the Interactive Story Book with your children, or just give them access to it, and let them enjoy the story, the drills/games and the cultural activities

Alefb in Los Angeles: Alefb was asked to train ADS (American Druze Society) Arabic teachers on its curriculum. Happy to see that they have successfully implemented it
with their students in their LA chapter.
Arabic schools: if you would like to benefit from Alefb's 6 year curriculum to teach the Arabic Language and Culture the playful way, please contact us for a training session.

Alefb in DC: Two of Ms Kamala's amazing students in our Arlington-VA location 
Parents: You can enroll your kids in our DC classes as of now. 
Click here for more information and for registration.

You can see more pictures and videos on our Facebook Page.
Feel free to get involved, like, share and post!


Now is the time to 
enroll or re-enroll your kids for our next school year 2017-18,
and reserve a spot in the right age and level group.
We will be sending reminders by the end of August. 
Early registrants will benefit from current fee, others may expect an increase for next year

We are always looking for dedicated teachers, for all our locations. Our training program is available to our potential candidates on an ongoing basis.
                          Please click here to submit your resume. For more  job offers, click 


Try this new app to teach your children the Arabic letters.

How about some cooking?

After the Alefb Arabic classes at PS58 in Brooklyn were over,  Natasha, 11years old decided to continue her learning with Alefb's online Skype teacher. She worked on a recipe project. At the end of the 6 week session, Natasha was able to register on Shahiya's website and publish her first recipe in Arabic!
Parents: Please feel free to send your recipes to Alefb's with a picture, and we will post them for you on the Shahiya website. 

More things to do: 
Every Summer break, we ask ourselves how to bridge the gap in the learning of Arabic as a Foreign language continuum.
A number of families are lucky to be able to travel to the Arab world, to visit family and friends. For the others, some options for Arabic summer camps are available. 
However, the majority of us need to rely on what we can do best: support language learning at home.
Here are some suggestions:
--Review with your children the material they brought back from Alefb workshops.
--Have your child teach you to say one thing in Arabic every day: very funny drill. Try it! 
--Provide videos, books, stories, and music in Arabic,such as Feyrouz new project.
--Look for opportunities outside the classroom: Re-connect with Alefb class mates.


PLEASE MEET KAIA, only two months old and ready to become an enthusiastic Alefb student and surely a successful alumni :) 

If you once took part in the Alefb adventure, as a parent or a teacher,  please share your story at info@alefb.org  and on our LinkedIn groupPlease fill out a 7 question survey.

Our Team wishes you a
  HAPPY EID!           ! عيد مبارك

Alefb... The playful way to learn the Arabic language and culture
Phone: +1.301.919.4481
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