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Thanksgiving 2020

Michelle Tager - Wednesday, December 02, 2020

هي الآمالُ أينما حلّت، آلامُنا قَلَّت، ومعًا سنَعبُر!

When there is hope, pain fades, and united we prevail!

زياد الدنف
 Ziad Eldanaf,  Alefb teacher in Baalchmay - Lebanon

I just came back from Lebanon, and all I can say is:
!الحمدالله! ممنونين
Yes, we are grateful that people are still holding down the fort for us, teachers are still teaching,
and kids are still curious.
For me, education is key.
It is the only way forward against adversity, and towards a better, more equitable world.
I am humbled by the enthusiasm I see in our dedicated teachers, the tangible progress I notice in our #Arabic4Good students, the eagerness to learn in the eyes of our #Sawa4Good participants, and the appreciation from all the parents. 
Thank you for being part of the Alefb community!
We are working hard to meet and exceed your expectations. Stay tuned!

Michelle El-Khoury Tager
Spread happiness one Arabic lesson at a time 😀
For these holidays, Alefb would like to be your partner in sharing some joy around you.
Take advantage of our offer to enroll your own kids and teens, or send a gift to your grand-kids, nieces, nephews,
best friend's kids, etc.
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Spread the Joy
As promised, we are happy to announce that Alefb is making an $800 donation to Assabil Libraries in Beirut.
We are also proud to share that Alefb - Paris has contributed to the Kulluna Beirut fundraising campaign for an amount of Euros 3000 to help in the rehabilitation of La Sagesse school, after the August 4, 2020 Beirut blast.
In line with our new #Sawa4Good initiative to connect students inside and outside Lebanon, Alefb has provided the SoS village in Kferhay - Lebanon,  with sports and audio equipment, on behalf of all our students participating in this project.
شكراً 🙏
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Our new free program #Sawa4Good has started and is going strongl! 🤝
Last month, in Lebanon, I met with 20 enthusiastic kids who were thrilled to fill out the #Sawa4Good survey, in order to be matched with a correspondent overseas. 👫👭👬 They also had lots of questions: how will we connect to each other? Who will be my penpal? What language shall we speak?
As of today, Alefb has connected over 10 students  🇱🇧  🇺🇸. They are chatting over Whatsapp or Zoom at their leisure, exchanging daily messages and sharing their dreams for a better future.
They are also discovering common interests over shared online games or competing for the best headstand, live from their living rooms 🤸😃

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